The Headset


With our partner brand and manufacturer we created a headset that is different. It is wire based and can be used like every wire based headset you can find on the market.

Unplug the headset into two pieces. Attach it to your E-LACE and plug it into the future. From this point you will never miss your CHSY-07SB – the first headset attached to your hoodie or t-shirt! With the brand new CHSY-07SB we want to close the gap between wire and wireless headsets. CHSY-07SB gives you more FLEXIBILITY, more ENERGY, better SOUND, better CALLS and more SECURITY. The future is now. With up to 15 hours active battery life we can support you a whole day without annoying recharging. The cVc 8.0 standard will give you a good call quality in every situation.


convenient design

Never loose a headset – the magnets keep them togehter, the E-Lace keeps them with you!



never out of power

Up to 15 hours of playing time. 

Listen to music or call your friends without being scared of low battery! Our battery has 120mAh for your entertainment.


to never miss a call

It's a simple and splash water proofed controller design. The buttons and their coating give you maximum comfort in controlling your mobile device!

Mute, louder, quieter, call, hang up and the mobile speech assistend can be controlled by a three button layout! With the microphone integrated in the controller we reach maximum performance.

The controller also works as the charging regulator. Please always unplug the headset for charging from the E-Lace and close the circuit by connecting the headset in itself.

Extrem battery lifetime!

Up to 15 hours of playing time. 

Listen to music or call your friends without being scared of engergie loss.


Connect two devices parallel!

Connect your laptop and watch some movies but never miss a call, your mobilephone will be connected, too.

Codec aptX HD

Our headset uses adptX HD, aptX, ACC and SBC.

There are some other codecs installable, please ask in case for a MOQ.

Convenient Magnetic Design

Magnets can help you while storing the headset behind your head. The lace will keep it hanging in front of you. You should never loose them!

Plug'n Pull


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